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Why buying a park home abroad is so compelling

Mobile homes are becoming an increasingly popular option for more and more people in the UK, ranging from families looking for a versatile holiday home to those looking for a different kind of retirement home.

With the unpredictability of the UK weather, many Brits are looking overseas for their holiday home, with Spain and France proving to be ever-popular destinations, amongst others. Read on to discover the reasons why a park home is a great option for your overseas travels.

1. Cost savings
With more and more young people being forced to move back in with their parents due to the housing crisis, mobile homes are a cheaper alternative to the traditional home which provides many of the same luxuries for a fraction of the cost. This can include everything from a comfortable bed to a well-equipped bathroom.

2. Take in the sights
Whilst the UK offers plenty of mobile home parks, an undeniable advantage of a mobile home is the opportunity to take a trip to sunnier climates such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy. This can allow you to take advantage of some much-needed winter sun, during times when the UK weather is less than favourable. The beauty of a mobile home is that you can simply choose which country you’d like to visit and pick your spot accordingly. There is such a diverse array of potential destinations across Europe that you may find you have a hard time choosing!

3. Holiday year-round
Whilst you may only use your mobile home for a few weeks or months throughout the year, the freedom and versatility of having a park home mean that you have the option to get away and enjoy the sunshine whenever you feel like it. Conveniently, many holiday parks are also open year-round, giving you complete freedom for any spontaneous getaways.

4. Potential second income 
If you are only using your park home for a limited number of times throughout the year, then you could gain some extra cash, either by renting it out to friends and family or professionally advertising it as a holiday rental. The extra cash could, in turn, be used to fund future overseas adventures.

5. Enjoy community living
Many of the residential parks where mobile homes are parked come with a great sense of community, not to mention excellent security. This provides fantastic opportunities to meet new friends to explore the local area with.

6. A healthier lifestyle
Swapping grey skies in the UK for the freedom of the open road creates an opportunity for year-round sunshine in sunnier climates across Europe. In fact, studies have shown that spending just six months of the year in a warmer climate could provide you with a range of benefits for your mental and physical health. Whilst the holiday lifestyle can aid relaxation and reduce stress, the therapeutic effects of the ocean can also have a positive impact on well-being, as well as providing the opportunity for a more active lifestyle, with beach-side walks, cycling, and hikes.

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